Coaching for Subject Leaders in Education – Digital Download


The subject leader or Head of Department has a vital role in ensuring the curriculum intent is translated into powerful pedagogy and inspirational opportunities for learning

Implementing Seamless Curriculum Excellence, Outstanding Pedagogy and Deep Learning


How will this course benefit you?

This course will give subject leaders, subject specialists and curriculum managers a range of coaching skills and techniques that will support them in ensuring that there is a powerful culture of sharing and cascading of good and outstanding practice across their teams. 

Subject leaders have a pivotal role in ensuring the curriculum intent or vision for high quality curriculum implementation and excellence in teaching and learning is translated into knowledge rich content across all subjects. We have the questions and challenging course content to ensure that subject leaders focus on how through coaching they can use challenging questions linked to the requirements of the OFSTED’s September 2022 Handbook

We focus on how to encourage opportunities for a professional dialogue where colleagues reflect on their subject knowledge, approaches to classroom pedagogy and the development of effective learning and teaching. Consistency and high quality professional conversations create the synergy and the evidence that the curriculum marries with the vision and ambition for all learners.

Here at Learning Cultures we are focusing on how to create the right CPD experience and the most useful resources that will arm subject leaders and curriculum leaders with the tools to demonstrate to OFSTED that they have the will and the expertise to inspire their teams to deliver a substantive and high quality curriculum and articulate with powerful aplomb the impact that the pedagogy, sound subject expertise and positive feedback to learners is having on the life chances of each and every learner they teach.


What makes a great subject leader?
Why are subject leaders important?
What will Ofsted ask subject leaders?
How do you become an outstanding subject leader?
How do subject leaders keep up-to-date with key curriculum changes?

What will be covered in the course?

  • How coaching can be a significant tool in developing profound opportunities for professional learning conversations to take place to support subject leaders and an understanding of how the curriculum is being delivered
  • Using coaching techniques to review the quality of pedagogy and learning, specifically focusing on knowledge acquisition, building on prior learning, sequencing learning over time and differentiating the learning effectively for all learners
  • How to manage change, develop effective subject leaders and cross-curricular teams and how to influence individuals to embrace new ideas and content and build on what they do well
  • Reflecting and sharing ideas on how continue to enhance subject leaders, curriculum implementation linked to the school or college vision and how to measure 

Who is this course for?

  • Subject Leaders in both primary and secondary settings.  It will also be useful for those working in special education. The changes to the approach to curriculum planning and implementation is far reaching and much of the emphasis for change is seen as part of the role of the subject leader or specialist
  • Heads of Department who would like to use the coaching skills to develop their line management skills to empower individuals within the department to develop or to manage change
  • CPD leaders and curriculum managers who have a wider remit across phases, key stages or departments and who would like to develop a programme that they use again and again within school
  • The SENCO who can work with others to develop robust strategies that ensure parity breadth and depth for all pupils who have a special educational need.

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