Coaching for Senior Leaders in a School or College (Online)


Coaching is one of the most powerful leadership skills to empower others and is ideal for headteachers, deputies, assistant heads who aspire to senior leadership.

Creating a culture of collaboration where professional learning conversations deliver high quality pedagogy and learning


How will this course benefit you?

Coaching and education leadership can make a significant difference to how individuals and teams work together to achieve the vision and goals for success. The most impressive and successful way to ensure that all staff including middle and subject leaders, teachers and support staff can work cohesively is through coaching. 

Developing a coaching culture starts with the senior leadership team and this course explains how to create effective approaches that will support the introduction of successful strategies that allow individuals to share their practice, learn from each other, find their own solutions and build highly collaborative and successful teams.


What will be covered in the course?

  • A close look at the principles and potential benefits of coaching to develop a whole school model for change and challenge
  • A focus on where and how coaching can make a significant difference such as part of lesson observation feedback, appraisal strategies, creating professional learning communities and building strategies for continuing professional development
  • Learn coaching skills, including deep and rich questioning techniques, active listening skills and influencing skills that fundamentally mirror the qualities of dynamic leadership
  • Reflecting on the key features of a coaching culture and a review of good practice and priorities for change
  • Using a coaching model to practice some coaching techniques and begin to shape a strategy for introducing a coaching culture as part of the school or college vision and rationale for continuous improvement and the pursuit of high-quality outcomes for all


Who is this course for?

  • Senior Leadership Teams – raising awareness of the value and potential benefits of coaching as a framework for excellence and improvement 
  • Subject and Middle Leaders – who are an essential part of shaping the vision for continuous improvement and will have a pivotal role in creating a culture of positive change
  • Senior Leaders who have completed any of the NPQ qualifications and wants enhance their leadership potential by learning how to coach

Creating CPD that is sustainable and cost effective

We design all our courses so that you can take your learning back to share with your colleagues. The materials, resources and activities are available electronically for you to download and use again.

We know that where delegates can share and cascade their learning with their colleagues they consolidate their learning and others benefit from that learning. In this way the professional development has a far greater impact on individual, team and whole school improvement.

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