Coaching for Middle Leaders in Schools and Colleges 16th May 2024 Birmingham


Middle leaders have a pivotal role in interpreting the vision for whole organisational improvement, curriculum quality and highly successful learning. 

Coaching to Influence Change and Build Exceptional Teams


How will this course benefit you?

Coaching for Middle Leaders focuses on how to use coaching skills to effectively manage teams and achieve the school or college vision for high-quality learning and teaching through positive dialogue and highly motivational conversations. 

This event is a powerful starting point from which middle leaders can begin to develop a range of coaching skills that they can use with their teams to deepen their own coaching skills and understand the power of coaching to influence change in others.

Read this article from Ambition Institute,
Research Insight: Effective middle leadership


What will be covered in the course?

  • Focusing on the role of the middle leader in ensuring that the vision and curriculum intent, rationale and ambition for the school or college are translated into clearly defined goals and objectives that teams and individuals can deliver successfully
  • Learning the skills and attributes of a coach and raising awareness of how coaching supports the development of a range of highly effective leadership skills 
  • Time to reflect on the differences between coaching and mentoring and how a deeper understanding of both can have a significant impact on the role of the line manager in the context of supporting others to change
  • Introducing a range of tools and techniques to support middle leaders in their quest to ensure they have highly motivated, cohesive and productive teams 
  • Practising coaching skills as part of goal setting and prioritising strategies for change and challenge that will determine the next steps towards excellence and improvement across the whole organisation


Who is this course for?

  • Middle leaders with responsibility across a range of roles who are looking to build their leadership skills in order to take the next steps towards senior leadership 
  • Heads of Department who would like to use the coaching skills to develop their line management skills to empower individuals within their department to develop or to manage curriculum change and foster high quality pedagogy and learning
  • Pastoral leaders who can use coaching to support their teams, their learners and parents and carers to be solutions-focused, self-aware and solutions focused

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