Beyond Compliance: Establishing a Culture of Safeguarding (Online)

The course will cover aspects of compliance, but we will show you what can be introduced to your school or college to create an excellent culture of safeguarding: Beyond Compliance.

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Safeguarding is the action that is taken to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm


Why this course is essential for senior leaders and safeguarding leads?

Beyond Compliance: There is a distinct and important difference between making sure that you are compliant with safeguarding legislation, and then making sure that this lies firmly within the hearts of minds of staff and students.

To establish a ‘culture’ as opposed to a compliant organisation, you need to be proactive in all you do to protect young people and to go that extra mile to ensure they are informed and safe.

The course will cover aspects of compliance, but we will show you what can be introduced to your school or college to create an excellent culture of safeguarding.


What will be covered in this course?

  • Proactive safeguarding
  • Contextualisation of offer
  • Ensuring a consistency of message
  • Involving all key stakeholders
  • Preparing to be outstanding for external auditing


Proactive safeguarding     

  • Age appropriate safeguarding – ensuring that tutors adapt according to cohorts
  • Understanding the importance of promoting welfare not just ensuring protection from harm
  • Initial assessment – safeguarding and pastoral care
  • Making sure that your strategies align with the current climate e.g. Cost of living increases
  • How do you ensure that big topics ‘land’ with apprentices e.g. sexual harassment & British values – recommendations from Ofsted


Contextualisation of offer

  • How to get the most from audits and incorporate physical internal audits that marry with learner voice measures
  • Are you getting the correct DBS checks for all your staff
  • Knowing what the current themes are in your setting and using this data to inform your whole school/college strategies
  • Industry specific safeguarding – contextualising your offer
  • Developing a safeguarding calendar


Ensuring a consistency of message

  • Ensure there is outstanding CPD planning for all staff – not just the obvious ones!
  • How to develop scenario sessions with staff and how to ensure this is embedded throughout the year
  • Exploring ways to integrate safeguarding into staffing teams and making this a cultural shift
  • How to design a stand-alone risk register for safeguarding
  • Ensuring support for learners with SEND


Involving all key stakeholders

  • Ways to develop awareness for all staff – spotting the signs
  • Practical strategies to promote a cultural change:
    • Medical needs systems
    • Suicide safer strategies
    • Serious case review stories
  • Looking after your DSL – what they will need to be able to help build a culture of safeguarding
  • How to educate tutors to set boundaries and still offer out of hours support


Preparing to be outstanding for external auditing 

  • Ways to ensure that your staff are not just compliant but can demonstrate that this is in the hearts and minds of the organisation
  • Knowing what will differentiate you from being merely compliant with safeguarding
  • Explore how you need to work closely with finance, IT, estates and marketing to build the culture of safeguarding for all – practical ideas that have impact


Who is this course for?

DSL’s and safeguarding leads – will benefit hugely by having an oversight of what is absolutely necessary and what is going to move you from doing a great job to doing an outstanding job!

Senior leaders for pastoral care – should attend this as it is impossible for the DSL to establish a culture of safeguarding, alone. This will need direction from the top of the organisation and you will see how projects and systems can benefit the young people in your care, whilst also ensuring that your overall responsibility for student safeguarding is low risk.


Creating CPD that is sustainable and cost effective

We design all our courses so that you can take your learning back to share with your colleagues. The materials, resources and activities are available electronically for you to download and use again.

We know that where delegates can share and cascade their learning with their colleagues they consolidate their learning and others benefit from that learning. In this way the professional development has a far greater impact on individual, team and whole school improvement.

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