Glynis Frater

Glynis started Learning Cultures Limited in 2010. She has worked closely with the development of CPD linked to education policy over many years.  Her main areas of expertise are in coaching, teaching and learning and curriculum design as part of whole school or college improvement and change.  She has a wealth of experience in the embedding of literacy and numeracy skills across the curriculum as part of her role as a lead trainer for the Key Skills Support Programme in both England and Wales.  She has also written several books linked to curriculum especially in the field of Business and Enterprise and the importance of skills development as part of ensuring learners can make connections across all their learning and become unconsciously competent in the use of both the core and the wider essential learning skills. 

In her last role before starting Learning Cultures she was the Programme Director of a high-profile government funded coaching programme. This was designed to create a powerful whole organisation CPD model for schools and colleges that would ensure good practice and high quality training was embedded and cascaded across the whole organisation. In 2010, this very successful programme came to an end due to the change of Government and Learning Cultures was launched.

She also worked for the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust in partnership with the then DCSF now DfE to promote new curriculum models for academic and vocational learning.  She helped to develop several publications and training programmes to support subject specialists enhance their understanding of how to foster innovative pedagogy and deep learning opportunities within and across the curriculum.

Glynis has designed and developed many of the Learning Cultures’ coaching and training programmes especially related to curriculum planning, coaching and the embedding of skills across all learning.  She is well known as an excellent presenter, author and advocate of deep and independent learning and understands the pedagogy that delivers outstanding teaching in the classroom.
She is a keen gardener and her large garden keeps her out of trouble for much of her spare time.