Senior Leadership Coaching Training

Learning how to coach and then using coaching skills to promote self-belief, positivity and a culture of continuous improvement is the most potent approach to leadership that a school leader can adopt.  Coaching creates for the school leader the culture that ensures that there isn’t a queue of people at the Head’s or Principal’s door bringing a range of problems that they should be able to solve for themselves.  Developing the skills to ask incisive questions, listen actively and create for individuals the courage to take risks and find their own solutions is powerful and invigorating. Being in control of one’s own priorities and goals is inspiring. Coaching is about influencing others to change and when individuals are empowered to make changes for themselves the results are highly motivational and will deliver successful outcomes for individual staff, teams and the whole school.

Coaching can make a significant difference in all sorts of ways

  • One to one coaching for newly appointed leaders and senior staff in a school 
  • One to one coaching for experienced senior leaders, CEOs and principals
  • Working with one of our expert coaches to develop the expertise and strategies to lead a coaching school
  • Focusing on the school improvement plan and working with a coach to define the goals and how they can be achieved in a SMART way
  • Coaching as an integral part of the appraisal process so that performance management is transformed into professional development
  • Coaching as a tool to chair meetings
  • Instructional and Incremental Coaching as tools for developing staff in subject teams across a school or college
  • Developing a blended learning strategy for schools and colleges where home learning and school learning are interlinked
  • Coaching to support an assessment of how well the curriculum intent is translated into curriculum implementation
  • Coaching strategies for having those difficult conversations
  • Developing team coaching skills to create highly effective senior leadership teams

Embrace coaching as the right strategy for creating a learning culture in your school or college

Coaching has been a tool for business for a very long time and the power it brings to the leadership of many successful businesses ensures that it is embraced as the right strategy to use. Schools and colleges across the UK and internationally are now seeing the many benefits developing a coaching culture can have for school, team and individual improvement. Coaching is a journey, once you start it is unlikely that you will turn back.

Here at Learning Cultures we are are a team of highly qualified coaches

We also have experience of senior leadership in schools or colleges in a range of settings and bring a rich vein of knowledge and best practice to our work with the education profession. We are passionate about how coaching can transform the role of the leader and of all those who come into contact with a deep understanding of what coaching can achieve. Work with the leading providers of coaching training support for all those who work with learners at whichever stage.

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